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The Lotus flower, our identity, is symbolic of prosperity and knowledge, the core of wise investing. As Lotus rises towards light and blossoms with grace, we aspire your investments will bloom too.

‘Blooming you always with ‘Winning Ideas & Proven Expertise’.

The Lotus: We find ‘Inspiration and Strength’ from ‘Lotus Flower’.

Lotus flower, as our corporate symbol, is an important acknowledgment of our mission, because investing has more to do with prosperity, knowledge and learning.

The lotus represents a symbol of fortune.

The lotus flower rises with the sunlight and is often viewed as a symbol of aspiration, the same you will discover in our identity. Lotus represents the past, present and future, likewise we can enjoy the rewards of investments only after an idea blossoms forth into a blue chip.

At LotusFunds, we take pride in fostering your financial safety & building prudent wealth. We assist our clients in all aspects of investments, providing our expertise and define it as prudent, thoughtful & highly personalized approach to financial decision making. We take satisfaction in seeing clients realize their dreams.

The real beauty of lotus flower is that it is untouched by impurity and has the ability to blossom in even the murkiest of waters.

Pradyut Patnaik,
Team LotusFunds.

Who We Are: We are ‘Good Analysts’ and are ‘Committed to Deliver’.

LotusFunds is a SEBI Registered Research Analyst advisory firm (Registration No.: INH000001238) which does extensive research and provides recommendations in stocks, indices, currencies, and commodities; including bullions, metals and agro-commodities.

LotusFunds has one of the finest analytical minds in the business and is distinguished by its proactive consulting approach, timely advice, specific recommendations and implementation assistance.

We strive for winning ideas backed by sound analysis that helps drive new perspectives, new products and new paths to financial growth.

Our only business is investment consulting and advisory services. 100% of our revenue comes from our investment consulting and advisory relationships. We have no affiliations, financial arrangements or relationships with any investment managers or other organizations that could compromise our independence.

We do not manage money, lobby for interest groups, profit from trading volumes, or issue securities. Further, we are neutral across ideologies, and analytical approaches.

Long story short, we generate ‘live money making ideas’ to help our clients and the financial communities we serve to grow.

At the moment, LotusFunds serves its global client base from its offices located at Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


Our Strengths: Better the Understanding’ — Wiser the Decisions.

LotusFunds strives to provide clients with the highest level of service, supported by a team of knowledgeable, seasoned investment professionals. Our primary objective is to add value to investment portfolios through in-depth research on investment strategies, carried out through customized recommendations.

We believe we are valued so highly by the investment community due to the following facts:

LotusFunds is a Research Analyst firm. 100% of our revenue comes from investment consulting and advisory relationships. We have no affiliations or financial arrangements with investment managers or other organizations that could compromise our independence. We also understand the fact that being merely independent is not good enough; being right is most important in our business.

We just care/focus only about the accuracy and timeliness of our information and analysis.

  • LotusFunds has a world-class research team for equity & commodity markets. For a retail investor, our “bottom-up” stock picking approach is the best as it focuses entirely on the techno-funda strength – unshackled by size and sector, unfazed by market trends. Within the institutional set, we devise aggressive trading strategies and concentrate on trend shift, including pair trades.

  • At LotusFunds, research is a team effort. Every call which is released to clients goes through intense debate.

  • LotusFunds is committed to provide a higher-level of services.

Why LotusFunds: Winning Ideas. Proven Expertise.

The fundamental foundations of LotusFunds’ success are: Honesty & Integrity.

We at LotusFunds’ always strive for the highest possible standards of ethical and professional research advisory. We live and breathe in the intersection of faith, loyalty and financial markets

Our core strength is research. Our single-minded focus is that our intensive research with a clear direction allows us to meet our clients’ high standards. We aim that our unique research team keeps our blue chip investor clients:

  1. At the forefront by providing useful insights, analysis and aggressive money-making ideas.
  1. The in-depth research reporting and analysis helps navigate volatile times and the ability to come up with perfect long/short combinations.


Lastly, it’s our spirit of innovation that makes LotusFunds’ a force/Research House to reckon with.

Investment philosophy: Building Wealth — Preserving Wealth.

Our investment philosophy is to provide opportunities for investors to achieve aggressive returns and is distinguished by the following beliefs:

  • We believe that solid research is fundamental to sound investment decisions. Our research reports create value by providing useful insights, analysis and money-making ideas.

  • We want investors to benefit on any trend shift and should profit regardless of market direction. Our deep knowledge of financial markets allows us to proactively identify the trending markets and most importantly time it for our blue chip investor clients.

  • We believe that every Investor is unique and complex, so we do a rigorous client assessment and suggest the appropriate services. This creates confidence and comfort necessary to make the right decisions in the world of investments.
  • We believe in educating clients and working in partnership with them to reach their financial goals. It is definitely much more than advisory services.

  • We do not trade, invest or lobby.

Professionals: Markets Create Opportunities — So does an opportunist mindset.

The LotusFunds’ team comprises stellar individuals — an unusual combination of financial market professionals who expertise and deep knowledge on ‘Fear & Greed’.

Pradyut Brajasundar Patnaik, Founder.

LotusFunds has been founded by Mr. Pradyut Patnaik, a Research Analyst with more than two-decades-long experience.

Mr. Patnaik is the Founder & Executive Chairman of LotusFunds.

He serves as lead consultant and has primary responsibility of managing the delivery of strategic investment advice to Institutional and many LotusFunds clients.

Blending his proprietary technical analysis approach with a thorough understanding of market psychology and with strict discipline, Pradyut has enjoyed success in a variety of market conditions since 1994. Pradyut’s willingness to adapt to the trading environment has allowed him flexibility and versatility in an ever-changing market. He ensures excellence across the company.

An entrepreneur by nature, Pradyut Patnaik had founded Eye Financial Services Pvt. Ltd in 2003, a company which he grew into a leading equity market advisory firm in India. He divested his stake in the company at the end of 2009.

Pradyut Patnaik was associated with First Global as Technical Analyst from 1999 to 2003. At First Global (UK) Ltd, he was instrumental in delivering ‘Technical Calls’ in stocks traded in American and European markets to hedge funds. Gathering the wealth of information and experience he was soon reckoned as an expert in technical analysis.

Mr. Patnaik started his professional career as a trader in the year 1994, joining Ford Tenrich Financial Services Private Limited. Here, he traded International foreign exchange contracts (forex), International Commodities and in variety of US (DOW, NASDAQ & S&P 500) and European stock indices, futures and options. He started analyzing various markets intensively, creating new trading systems for day, swing, and position trading.

Pradyut Patnaik is a SEBI registered Research Analyst having registration no. – INH000001238.

To contact Mr. Pradyut Patnaik, please email [ pradyut@lotusfunds.com ]

Mr. Anish Gorakshakar, Chief Analyst

Mr. Gorakshakar is Chief Analyst with LotusFunds.

He has the prime responsibility of identifying momentum stocks, tracking the markets for the best technical setups in the indices, stocks & commodities, keeping a close watch on the prevalent market conditions.

He strives for constant improvement in research methodology and on understanding of the markets. He realizes the importance of having a good strategy on entering and exiting positions as the key ingredient in realizing profits from investments and trading activities.

His methods involve a thorough analysis of trend-lines, price patterns, Indicators, Moving Averages and also Relative Strength readings. The variables which he uses are combined together to form a robust trading system which seeks to maximize profits and contain losses.

It was his passion for markets which drew him to the equity & commodity markets and the technical approach to investing. He has worked with Motilal Oswal and L&T General Insurance. The work entailed him to understand the financial markets in depth. He has a total experience of 3years.

Anish’s NISM registration number “NISM-201500045955”

To contact Mr. Anish Gorakshakar, please email [ anish@lotusfunds.com ]

Anita Patnaik, CEO

Anita is the Strategic Advisor on the Board of LotusFunds. He has the prime responsibility of strategizing the operations of the organization across India.

A visionary by nature, Ms. Anita has been instrumental in developing and strengthening the Client- Partner Network. Having more than 18 years of rich experience as a Sales Strategist, her contribution is primarily to overlook responsibility of implementing excellence in the Company through wide Customer Coverage.

To contact Ms. Anita Patnaik, please email [ anita@lotusfunds.com]


LotusFunds – is a SEBI registered Research Analyst with SEBI Registration No. INH000001238. LotusFunds – Research Analyst does not provide any execution based/PMS based services. We only provide investment advice to customers on a pre-paid subscription basis. LotusFunds – Research Analyst does not have affiliations with any intermediary and hence does receive any remuneration or compensation of any form from any other intermediary.

Registration granted by SEBI and certification from NISM in no way guarantee performance of the intermediary or provide any assurance of returns to investors.

SEBI study dated January 25, 2023 on ‘Analysis of Profit & Loss of Individual Traders dealing in equity Futures and Options (F&O) Segment’ wherein Aggregate Level findings are based on annual Profit/Loss incurred by individual traders in equity F&O during FY 2021-22.


# 9 out of 10 individual traders in equity Futures and Options Segment, incurred net losses.
# On an average, loss makers registered net trading loss close to 50,000.
# Over and above the net trading losses incurred, loss makers expended an additional 28%of net trading losses as transaction costs.
# Those making net trading profits, incurred between 15% to 50% of such profits as transaction cost.

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